January 23&24, 2000: Hand of God 1&2 (A Retrospective)

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January 23&24, 2000: Hand of God 1&2 (A Retrospective)

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Not much to say about these two, just establishing that God is a character and only portray's himself with hands and hand puppets, but also the first appearance of best boy Criminy! My boy needs more screentime given that he's a huge part of the reason why Fuchsia left Devil Corp, quite the heartwarming Arc that one that I'm quite looking forward to covering! Again, not much to say about these two pages in particular, but I do wanna say that I hope Criminy isn't made out into a Villain later, he's too wholesome for that stuff.

The next three pages though? Oof...The Radfems who are the intended audience of the present day are gonna hate the next three..Don't ban me alright? I'm just covering the series from first to...Well Not *present* but we'll see how far I keep this going won't we?

Just because the message has changed, the tone has shifted from comedy to drama, doesn't mean we can't enjoy the Older Things in Life now does it?
The One Behind the Retrospective, enjoying the Older Things in life.

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