Boston Children's Hospital

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Boston Children's Hospital

Post by Russly » Mon Oct 10, 2022 10:13 am

Yo he really went straight to my hometown today. I'm sitting like a mile from there. Not even my first mention of Boston!

Given Boston's reputation for both the ridiculous racism (I'm part Irish and as they say here, "better Black than Irish in Boston") and its weird denial of the history, via over the top leftism to the point of the Children's Hospital issue, I honestly wonder how I make it in this forum.

(The place is a cesspool for all kinds of offense. We were massacring and dumping the tea long ago. Pirate City I call it. The era of Vaporwave was the golden age of music piracy-- I guess the Mayan calendar gave 2012 as the end of the world for a reason! Or maybe Tat knows me by now and predicted my forum habits today.)

This place is messed up. I got out by getting a van to escape rent and putting solar panels on it. They legit go after me over it. The bar banned me, the people who rent exiled me, my coworkers berated me. At least police ignore me? Probably all for the best. Being 'normal' in an extremely polarized land may often end up a burden, especially during October's full moon.


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