Kudos On The Update

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Kudos On The Update

Post by Russly » Sun Aug 01, 2021 6:18 pm

Glad that the mobile version is here since I'm basically only on my phone. Seeing the black banner rather than the usual character rainbow scared the bejeezus out of me though! Thought that one was gone until I saw the characters are still the design on the forum (gotta use it somewhere, it's too good)!

Something about Tat decidedly owning the straight male role in the Resistance Notes does not go unnoticed.... ("Digital Boy" is one in a number of such references I believe). Tat I am sure you mostly strayed from the Resistance Notes considering it IS the Male Resistance from the comic's heyday, but I do appreciate the humor is still alive a little! Anyway we shall see how the updates work out.


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