The Russly Diet

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The Russly Diet

Post by Russly » Fri Nov 05, 2021 12:44 pm

Alright, round two, here we go haha. I don't think the second draft of this will take an hour and a half like the one that was accidentally deleted, since I have an idea of what is written. (Ideally I write this draft in a more well rounded way regardless.) Something about how this is the most yuppie style post of mine here thus far. Do note that this is for purposes somewhat related to recent discussions here. Obviously this is a different intro from the previous draft, but nonetheless, perhaps it explains itself, so without further ado.

Unpasteurized Milk-- I start the list with my choice of milk because it basically sets the scene for how everything relates to this holistic-medicine-leaning side of the comic this year. See, unpasteurized milk's the only substance in existence available which heals teeth. (Tl;dr is aminos and odontoblasts.) They kept this practice around long after industrial era London needed pasteurization to live, because with the argument that there are no ways to heal teeth, the dental industry has cemented fillings and wisdom teeth removal as the modern day tonsillectomy. I didn't take novocaine as a kid for any fillings and so I was good on any further work on my teeth. Three of my four wisdom are grown in and partly because, despite my dentists telling me they were guaranteed to impact, all I did was push them back a bit and cut the gum and that was all it took. The most recent wisdom tooth, the first bottom one, did grow in with no help in fact. You can see how this is a fair sample of the world of capitalist medicine at its finest. The scary part's the farm that I get the milk at started ramping up business and is now selling the exact kind of yuppie bread that people who do get the milk would avoid like the *cough* plague.

Plantains-- in addition to kale, lychee, and other such niceties, I get most produce from the local market's dollar box leftovers, and even free when I take the extra to charity. I get bananas, mushrooms, and tomatoes at the store because those specifically are the only ones cheaper there than the market. I stick mainly to vegetarian ways, although that dollar a pound salmon the local market had that one time was pretty nice.... Basically any processed food cancels out the milk (mainly phytic acid overabundance apparently) and short of the local market, the cheapest option is to pick fruit and such for most of the year! Living off the land is a possibility after all, I've found everything from tuna packs that were just bought to gold necklaces on the ground.

Sourdough-- any sprouted bread can replace the fermented grain principle, in fact sprouting potatoes and such can make a difference too for those who go for such preferences. I mainly just make bananwiches with it. Whole grain, as white is the good stuff being taken out as to trick the stomach into thinking it should eat more, having filled up yet remaining partly malnourished. Food deserts and such which eventually implode on that count. There's a certain Trader Joe type sourdough that is indeed yeast free and actually goes bad twice as fast if that doesn't answer the freshness question (although I simply dash in and out of that rainbow hair paradise of course). Admittedly, cheese sticks are sometimes the one other item I'm willing to get from a store.

Tea-- well I start with black for the most part, although jasmine green is my favorite. Sometimes I put some weed in it, or a little booze, maybe a mushroom or two. Apparently Earl Grey and rum make the classical combination. I'm more for vodka myself, or Everclear. I'll even take a shot or two of the Everclear straight up sometimes lol. There's other stuff that goes in tea well I believe, like ayahuasca or even peyote. I'll have to go south for those varieties though! The only store bought tea with no added chemicals, even citric acid, that I've found here in New England is called Tejava, of all convenience, boutique, and grocery stores I've been to.

Incense-- I could've put tuna, neem, or something else edible in but this felt appropriate for the last item. A staple for meditation, and works great in combination with an evaporative cooler when in Summer. Everything from sticks to cones to paper, to rope and oil, fifteen minutes to three hours. I consider it fair for the last item since I sometimes light up a bunch and basically ingest a smoke bath, does my nostrils quite well on allergies at times. I took many decongestants as a kid and developed an immunity to many of them, this was a fair alternative. Apparently it's just powder from a given substance mixed with a water combination.

You know these days people will turn themselves into stuff like incense and diamonds and even vinyl records upon their death. The Woolly Bear moth caterpillar will freeze itself and return to life for a decade before it has enough food to become a cocoon. I was close to screenshotting the last paragraph of the original draft but it didn't time quite right, so I didn't get it and am kind of winging it here for the end. Yeah pretty scary shit. I made a point to leave a lot of what Tat is referencing, like the world of dentists and drills, which is probably why I associate myself with so much of these arcs. Hopefully this time around I got this down as a better finalized version, although I do wonder whether anybody reads it. And this time, I copy and pasted before it timed out my login again!


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Re: The Russly Diet

Post by RikkiTikkiTavi » Sat Nov 06, 2021 4:05 am

What a list that is.

It always amazes the differences in people's diets, especially those who trend towards a 'healthy' way of eating. I think when we focus on what we eat and how it effects us our food choices become extremely specific.

Just wanted to give a shout out to the jasmine green tea - one of my top favorites as well.

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