July 7, 2022: Big Gender 26

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July 7, 2022: Big Gender 26

Post by ZozoCitizen » Fri Jul 08, 2022 2:22 am

I don't think we'll ever reach the point where every deadly sin is being celebrated but envy is definitely at the heart of all this, isn't it?
Lots of people are always concerned with what they don't have. What others have. They're so focused on a perceived lack of something that they never realize what they needed to be happy and whole was within them all along. Not necessarily talking about, you know, God or anything. Haha. I'm not shilling religion here.
I just believe feelings of genuine self-worth cannot come from outside of us. We have to face our own inadequacies, fears, and mistakes. Admit them to ourselves. Acknowledge our own imperfection and weakness. Then forgive ourselves for them. Having forgiven ourselves, we can also forgive others instead of holding them to impossible standards that not even we live up to. Why actually live up to impossible standards when you can simply pretend that you do through empty pride? There is no place in my philosophy for pride. To be proud is to be blind to our failings. Weakness masquerading as strength rather than seeing it for what it truly is.
None of this is religious to me. It's only how I feel.

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